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A Study of Non-Symmetric Double-Sided Linear Induction Motor for Hyperloop All-In-One System (Propulsion, Levitation, and Guidance)
This paper proposes an all-in-one system for hyperloop that conducts propulsion, levitation, and guidance. Expand
A Study on the Reduction of Cogging Torque for the Skew of a Magnetic Geared Synchronous Motor
This paper is a study on the application position of skew in order to reduce the cogging torque of a magnetic geared synchronous motor (MGM). Expand
Performance verification of DR-PMSM for traction system according to permanent magnet shape
In this research, the design study of the inner rotor including the permanent magnet is carried out in the application of the DR-PMSM. Expand
A Study on High-Frequency Induction Heating System for Railway Turnout
This paper focuses on high-frequency induction heating system for railway turnout. In the existing railway industry, most of the heating systems for railway turnout use the heating wire. It attachedExpand
Optimal design of a 314kW-class IPMSM for railway vehicles using hydrogen fuel cells
This paper performs the interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) design to meet the harsh electrical and mechanical constraints. Expand