Iiro Salkari

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Virtual Organizations (VO) are created from a VO Breeding Environment (VBE) or a network, to serve a specific task. In addition to the task-based value the VO and its participants gain valuable experience and create other types of assets. Most often this achieved value is not saved. It is distributed, not managed and sometimes not even identified. The(More)
This paper describes a virtual organization (VO) partner-selection case of Virtuelle Fabrik AG, which is an operating virtual organization breeding environment (VBE). We approach the partner-selection problem through a recently developed optimization framework; therefore we also study the applicability of the framework. The results suggest that an(More)
Toni Jarimo (1), Peter Ljubič (2), Iiro Salkari (1), Marko Bohanec (2), Nada Lavrač (2, 3), Martin Žnidaršič (2), Stefan Bollhalter (4), Jiri Hodik (5) (1) VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, toni.jarimo@vtt.fi, iiro.salkari@vtt.fi (2) Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, peter.ljubic@ijs.si marko.bohanec@ijs.si, , nada.lavrac@ijs.si,(More)
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