Iina Tuominen

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Obesity is an important risk factor for colon cancer in humans, and numerous studies have shown that a high fat diet enhances colon cancer development. As both increased adiposity and high fat diet can promote tumorigenesis, we examined the effect of diet-induced obesity, without ongoing high fat diet, on colon tumor development. C57BL/6J male mice were fed(More)
Microsatellite instability (MSI) in tumors results in an accumulation of mutations in (target) genes. Previous studies suggest that the profile of target genes differs according to tumor type. This paper describes the first genome-wide search for target genes for mismatch repair-deficient endometrial cancers. Genes expressed in normal endometrium containing(More)
Ribosomal Protein L22 (RPL22) encodes a protein that is a component of the 60S subunit of the ribosome. Variants in this gene have recently been linked to cancer development. Mutations in an A8 repeat in exon 2 were found in a recent study in 52% of microsatellite-unstable endometrial tumors. These tumors are particularly prone to mutations in repeats due(More)
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