Ihsan Erdin

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An efficient method is presented for rigorous analysis of incident field coupling to high speed interconnects. The method is based on generating time domain equivalent sources from incoming fields through finite difference time domain analysis (FDTD) and incorporating them with a circuit level simulator such as SPICE. With this approach, it is possible to(More)
This paper introduces a novel algorithm for delay extraction-based passive macromodeling of multi-conductor transmission line type interconnects characterized by multiport (Y, Z, S, or H) tabulated parameters. The algorithm determines a unique logarithm of the H parameters , which is then approximated using a low-order rational function. Subsequently, the(More)
— Artificial neural networks (ANN) have gained attention as fast and flexible vehicles to microwave modeling and design. This paper reviews a recent advance of neural network modeling, i.e., state-space dynamic neural network (SSDNN) for transient behavioral modeling of high-speed nonlinear circuits. The SSDNN model can be directly trained from the input(More)
Due to the rapid surge in operating frequencies and complexity of modern VLSI designs, fast and accurate EMC/EMI analysis is becoming mandatory. This paper presents a closed-form SPICE macromodel for fast transient analysis of lossy multiconductor transmission lines in the presence of incident electromagnetic fields. In the proposed algorithm, the(More)
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