Ihor Vasyltsov

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In this paper, a new true random number generator (TRNG), based entirely on digital components is proposed. The design has been implemented using a fast random number generation method, which is dependent on a new type of ring oscillator with the ability to be set in metastable mode. Earlier methods of random number generation involved employment of jitter,(More)
In this paper, the theoretical approach to estimate the amount of entropy which can be extracted from heart-rate based biomedical signals has been considered. Mathematical models for estimating the values of min-entropy, Shannon entropy, and collision entropy have been created. This allows obtaining the theoretical background and estimations for upper bound(More)
In This work the problem of generating IP-core for quasi-random number generators (QRNG) based on Gollmann cascade has been considered. To solve this problem a software tool has been developed. It allows one to obtain the HDL-description files of QRNG, based on Gollmann cascade with different complexity levels. IP core technology is widely used as one of(More)
In this article we created the mathematical model of “client to server” communication including the compromised node probabilities and a number of possible routes having an admission to access points, also comparative characteristics of DoS/DDoS attacks in computer network has been provided herewith.
In This work the estimation of basic components of quasi random number generator (QRNG), based on Gollmann cascade has been done. Performance as well as apparatus costs of these components have been investigated. The obtained information allows to construct mathematical models for the estimation of the above discussed parameters for QRNG of any dimensions.(More)
In This work the investigation of modern exponentiation algorithms has been done. First, the authors have investigated the performance parameters. On the base of the obtained results it is possible to propose the best parameters to obtain the maximal performance. Further, the resistance to timing analysis attack has been investigated. Side-channel attacks(More)
In this paper the application of statistical approach for anomaly detection in a wearable ECG monitor has been considered. The method is based on the usage of the pre-defined expected behavior of the monitored biomedical signal and its on-line comparison with real-time measurements. Such comparison can be implemented based on the statistical model of ECG(More)
In this paper the method to counter differential fault analysis attack on LFSR-based stream ciphers have been proposed. The realization of the proposed method in the stream ciphers, based on reconfigurable LFSR are much more efficient than traditional hardware-oriented redundant technique. For real world application fault detection circuit has been(More)