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The rat genome contains two segments closely related to a rat alpha-tubulin mRNA. Both have been cloned and complete nucleotide sequences are presented. Analysis of the structure and sequence of one of these establishes it as a functional alpha-tubulin gene. The second segment is a processed alpha-tubulin pseudogene. Comparison of this pseudogene to the(More)
Analyses of gene expression in single mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) cultured in serum and LIF revealed the presence of two distinct cell subpopulations with individual gene expression signatures. Comparisons with published data revealed that cells in the first subpopulation are phenotypically similar to cells isolated from the inner cell mass (ICM). In(More)
Tbx3, a member of the T-box family, plays important roles in development, stem cells, nuclear reprogramming, and cancer. Loss of Tbx3 induces differentiation in mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs). However, we show that mESCs exist in an alternate stable pluripotent state in the absence of Tbx3. In-depth transcriptome analysis of this mESC state reveals(More)
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