Ihor Chumak

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In the present tetragonal modification of dysprosium orthomolybdate, Dy(2)(MoO(4))(3), the Dy, one Mo and one O atom are located on a mirror plane with Wyckoff symbol 4e, while another Mo atom is located on a fourfold inverse axis, Wyckoff symbol 2a. A single crystal was selected from a polycrystalline mixture of the Dy(2)O(3)-ZrO(2)-MoO(3) system and was(More)
The (3+1)-dimensional modulated structure of the LiZn(4 - x) (x = 0.825) binary compound has been determined in the superspace. The compound crystallizes in the orthorhombic superspace group Cmcm(α00)0s0 with a = 2.7680 (6), b = 4.7942 (6), c = 4.3864 (9) Å, modulation wavevector: q ≃ 4/7a*. The structure is a derivative from the hexagonal close packing.(More)
The crystal structure of iron dialuminide [Corby & Black (1973). Acta Cryst. B29, 2669-2677] has been redetermined on a single crystal synthesized from the elements by arc melting. The compound crystallizes in the triclinic space group P-1 with 19 atoms per unit cell, one Fe site being on an inversion centre. The crystal structure can be described as an(More)
Crystal structures of low- and high-temperature modifications of the binary phase Li(2)Zn(3) were determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques. The low-temperature modification is a disordered variant of Li(5)Sn(2), space group R\bar 3m (No. 166). The high-temperature modification crystallizes as an anti-type to Li(5)Ga(4), space group P\bar(More)
New ternary dodecalithium dodecacopper tetradecaaluminium, Li(12)Cu(12.60)Al(14.37) (trigonal, R ̅3m, hR39), crystallizes as a new structure type and belongs to the structural family that derives from binary Laves phases. The Li atoms are enclosed in 15- and 16-vertex and the Al3 atom in 14-vertex pseudo-Frank-Kasper polyhedra. The polyhedra around the(More)
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