Ihab Haidar

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We study how a particular spatial structure with a buffer impacts the number of equilibria and their stability in the chemostat model. We show that the occurrence of a buffer can allow a species to persist or on the opposite to go extinct, depending on the characteristics of the buffer. For non-monotonic response functions, we characterize the buffered(More)
This paper develops a new closed-loop firing rate regulation strategy for a population of neurons in the subthalamic nucleus, derived using a model-based analysis of the basal ganglia. The system is described using a firing rate model, in order to analyse the generation of beta-band oscillations. On this system, a proportional regulation of the firing rate(More)
We show how a particular spatial structure with a buffer globally stabilizes the chemostat dynamics with non-monotonic response function, while this is not possible with single, serial or parallel chemostats of the same total volume and input flow. We give a characterization of the set of such configurations that satisfy this property, as well as the(More)
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