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Stroke is a catastrophic complication of sickle cell anaemia (SCA) and is one of the leading causes of death in both adults and children with SCA. Evidence suggests that some genetic polymorphisms could be related to stroke development, but their association remains controversial. Here, we performed genotyping of five published single nucleotide(More)
Fungal infections are being increasingly reported in patients with malignancies. Pseudozyma aphidis is an opportunistic yeast usually isolated from plants and rarely from human samples. In this study, we report the first case of pulmonary infection due to P. aphidis in a Burkitt lymphoma patient.
The presence of high levels of fetal haemoglobin (HbF) provides well-validated clinical benefits to patients with sickle cell anaemia (SCA). Nevertheless it has been difficult to show clear direct effects of the known genetic HbF modifiers, such as the enhancer polymorphisms for haematopoietic transcription factors BCL11A and MYB, on SCA severity.(More)
We report a case of invasive infection due to Saprochaete capitata in a patient with hematological malignancies after chemotherapy treatment and empiric antifungal therapy with caspofungin. Although severely immunocompromised the patient survived been treated with amphotericin B lipid complex associated with voriconazole.
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