Igor Zanchi

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Satellite radio systems of today serve in a wide spectrum of human activities like communication, positioning, telemetry, meteorology, etc. However, in real radio environments, regardless of the particular application, various propagation effects strongly influencing the received signal pattern represent limitation in the quality of service (QoS). Thus, in(More)
In this paper we analyze measurements conducted in an indoor environment of our university building at a central frequency of 2.4 GHz in terms of the Saleh-Valenzuela channel. The channel parameters are extrapolated by processing the power-delay profiles measured by a vector network analyzer. Final adjustments of the parameters are obtained by comparison of(More)
Contemporary communications are predominantly wireless. Wireless systems propagation parameters are greatly influenced by multipath fading, even more so in an "indoor" environment. Theoretical parameters commonly used for describing multipath are coherence bandwidth and multipath delay spread. The goal of this paper is presentation of results of impulse(More)
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