Igor Z. Milovanovic

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In this paper, the performance evaluation of distributed and many-core computer complexes, in conjunction with their consumed energy, is investigated. The distributed execution of a specific problem on an interconnected processors platform requires a larger amount of energy compared to the sequential execution. The primary reason is the inability to fully(More)
This paper considers the multiplication of matrix A = (aik)n×n by vector b = (bk)n×l on the bidirectional linear systolic array (BLSA) comprised of p _~ In/2] processing elements. To accomplish this matrix, A is partitioned into quasi-diagonal blocks. Each block contains p quasi-diagonals. To avoid zero element insertion between successive iterations during(More)
This paper presents a parallel algorithm for computing the inversion of a dense matrix based on modified Jordan's elimination which requires fewer calculation steps than the standard one. The algorithm is proposed for the implementation on the linear array with a small to moderate number of processors which operate in a parallel-pipeline fashion. A(More)