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The bulk of theoretical studies are devoted to the light jets originated from microparticles with high degree of spatial symmetry like spheres, spheroids, cylinders, disks because of their unique capability to produce extreme spatial field localization. In the current paper we brief review the modern state-of-the art of main principles of the photonic jet(More)
Thin beams with high spatial resolution are widely used in different measurement systems. This paper is devoted to a brief overview of the new and alternative to known approaches to the development of mesoscale systems for localization and transport of electromagnetic fields to the subwavelength region. Our approach is based on mesoscale dielectric(More)
A structure based on periodically arranged 3D dielectric cuboids connected by photonic nanojets (PNJs) is proposed with the aim of increasing the propagation distance of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) at the telecom wavelength of 1550 nm. The performance of the structure is evaluated and compared with the case without the cuboids demonstrating that the(More)
The task of development of compact light-focusing tools for biomedical applications is challenging due to subwavelength focusing in such devices. In this study we have shown that it is possible to focusing light beyond the diffraction limit by 3D mesoscale particles in application to laser scalpel tips for potential use in ultraprecise laser surgery. The(More)
This paper outlines some of the recent advances in Fresnel zone plate antenna technology. Sidelobe reduction and control over sidelobe location are two developments which are useful for interference reduction. Another development is the focusing resolution of Fresnel zone plate antennas for sub­wavelength focal distances. Designs will be given for spatial(More)
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