Igor V. Leontyev

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The energetics of water molecules in proteins is studied using the water placement software Dowser. We compared the water position predictions for 14 high-resolution crystal structures of oligopeptide-binding protein (OppA) containing a large number of resolved internal water molecules. From the analysis of the outputs of Dowser with variable parameters and(More)
A new approach for computing hydration free energies DeltaG(solv) of organic solutes is formulated and parameterized. The method combines a conventional PCM (polarizable continuum model) computation for the electrostatic component DeltaG(el) of DeltaG(solv) and a specially detailed algorithm for treating the complementary nonelectrostatic contributions(More)
We present the performance of blind predictions of water-cyclohexane distribution coefficients for 53 drug-like compounds in the SAMPL5 challenge by three methods currently in use within our group. Two of them utilize QMPFF3 and ARROW, polarizable force-fields of varying complexity, and the third uses the General Amber Force-Field (GAFF). The polarizable(More)
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