Igor V. Kornienko

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Inactivation of the gene ( Uox ) in primates, which is responsible for the synthesis of theenzyme urikase, has determined new ways of social and intellectual evolution of mammals [1, 2]. Almost simultaneously with this process, a mutation occurred, as a result of which primates lacked the capability of endogenous synthesis of ascorbate. These mutations(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the homogeneity of Polish populations with respect to STRs chosen as core markers of the Polish Forensic National DNA Intelligence Database, and to provide reference allele frequencies and to explore the genetic interrelationship between Poland and neighboring countries. The allele frequency distribution of 10 STRs(More)
Computer analysis revealed seven potential variable-number tandem-repeat (VNTR) loci in the Vibrio cholerae genome. Specific primers were designed to amplify locus VcA located on chromosome 2 and containing a TGCTGT repeat. The locus was found in all tested strains from aV. cholerae strain collection, the repeat number varying from 3 to 23. In total, 14 VcA(More)
Allantoin was shown to affect the activities of enzymes involved in regulation of the so-called reactive-oxygenspecies (ROS)-dependent status of an organism [2]. The results reported in [2] support the hypothesis that intermediates of purine base catabolism are antioxidants [3]. For example, uric acid is a potent antioxidant, and Drosophila strains lacking(More)
This study demonstrated that pretreatment of rats with mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1 (50 nmol/kg during 5 days) significantly increased the mRNA levels of Nrf2 transcription factor and Nrf2-induced genes encoding antioxidant enzymes SOD1, SOD2, CAT, and GPx4 in rat peripheral blood leukocytes. The increase in expression of these genes with SkQ1(More)
The polymorphism of microsatellite loci of chloroplast genome in six Helianthus species and 46 lines of cultivated sunflower H. annuus (17 CMS lines and 29 Rf-lines) were studied. The differences between species are confined to four SSR loci. Within cultivated forms of the sunflower H. annuus, the polymorphism is absent. A comparative analysis was performed(More)
Genetic studies noted that the Hungarian Y-chromosomal gene pool significantly differs from other Uralic-speaking populations. Hungarians show very limited or no presence of haplogroup N-Tat, which is frequent among other Uralic-speaking populations. We proposed that some genetic links need to be observed between the linguistically related Hungarian and(More)
The superoxide-scavenging activity of a number of amino acids was revealed. The activity is comparable in effectiveness with known antioxidants. An original method for the estimation of antioxidant properties of amino acids was proposed. Quantum mechanical calculation of the interaction of lysine with superoxide anion was made. It was assumed that the(More)
Haplotype frequencies and allele distributions at 11 STR loci of the Y chromosome were evaluated in 180 unrelated individuals from Russian population of Southern Federal district of the Russian Federation (Rostov oblast, Krasnodar krai, and Stavropol krai). Among 153 Y-chromosomal haplotypes discovered, 62 were unique. In the sample of Russian population,(More)
Managerial experience is described that was gained during the large-scale work on victim identification following mass casualties in the Tu 154-M and Airbus A310 passenger plane crashes. The authors emphasize the necessity to set up a specialized agency of constant readiness meeting modern requirements for the implementation of a system of measures for(More)