Igor’ V. Komissarov

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Superfusion of the isolated frog spinal cord by the Ringer solution containing arecoline (10 mumol/l) evoked depolarization and increase of the input resistance and PSP amplitude of motoneurons. Depolarizing electrotonic potentials and reflex discharges in the ventral roots also increased, but duration of dorsal root potentials decreased. The observed(More)
1. A whole-cell patch-clamp study of the effects of ambocarb, a novel nootropic beta-carboline, on sodium currents in rat acutely isolated hippocampal pyramidal neurons was performed. 2. Ambocarb potently and reversibly suppressed sodium currents in a concentration range of 3-300 mumol/L. The amount of block was dependent on the holding potential, with(More)
Experiments on the neurons of isolated spinal cord of rats aged 9-14 days have revealed that like picrotoxin, the neuroleptics reduce the GABA-induced depolarization of primary afferents, hyperpolarization of the motoneurons and inhibition of the function of the interneurons which exercise the inhibitory control of motoneuronal activity. The highest(More)
We have synthesized 2-arylperimidines in which the phenyl group is substituted with both electron-donor and electron-accepting substituents on the 2-phenyl group, and we have studied the neurotropic activity of these compounds. In the majority of cases (IIIa-m), the N substituent was a methyl group. Three compounds with N-dialkylaminoalkyl groups (IIIn-p)(More)
Experiments were conducted on the supeior cervical and the caudal mesenteric sympathetic ganglia of a cat; it was shown that dophamine (DA), similarly to noradrenaline (NA) and adrenaline (A), depressed the cholinergic conduction. The activity of DA in the superior sympathetic ganglion was less than that of the NA and A 2- and 3-fold, respectively, and in(More)
Experiments on superfused slices of rat hippocampus showed that the nootropic drugs pyracetam, ethymizol, ambocarb, and nooglutil increase the amplitude of populational EPSP (pEPSP) of neurons of the dentate gyrus evoked by electrical stimulation of the perforant pathway (PP). Nootropes exert no effect on the process of presynaptic glutamate liberation from(More)