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BACKGROUND Juvenile myasthenia gravis (JMG) is the rare form of myasthenia gravis presenting in childhood and adolescence. When medical management fails, thymectomy is offered for these patients. Complete resection of the thymus is best achieved through transsternal thymectomy. Anesthetic management of patients with JMG is challenging, particularly in(More)
Variations in electrodermal resistance (EDR) at biologically active points were recorded in rat experiments during administration of neurotropic agents. Morphine and aminazine raised while corasole diminished EDR at these points. Variations in EDR at the biologically active points can be regarded as an index of the function of the animal central nervous(More)
BACKGROUND When administered before prolonged myocardial ischemia and reperfusion, isoflurane exerts potent cardioprotective effects similar to those inferred by ischemic preconditioning. To determine whether an intact cytoskeleton is critically important in isoflurane-induced preconditioning, the authors used a rabbit model in which isoflurane-induced(More)
The article is concerned with hybrid amorphous polymers synthesized basing on epoxy oligomer of diglycide aliphatic ester of polyethylene glycol that was cured by polyethylene polyamine and lithium perchlorate salt. Structural peculiarities of organic-inorganic polymer composites were studied by differential scanning calorimetry, wide-angle X-ray spectra,(More)
BACKGROUND Isoflurane has cardioprotective effects that mimic the ischemic preconditioning phenomenon. Because adenosine triphosphate-sensitive potassium channels and adenosine receptors are implicated in ischemic preconditioning, the authors wanted to determine whether the preconditioning effect of isoflurane is mediated through these pathways. METHODS(More)
The growth, composition and structure of sandwich structures (Fe-rich layer/Si-rich layer/Fe-rich silicide layer) grown on a Si(111) surface were studied by a few complementary microscopic and spectroscopic techniques with high spatial resolution. Intermixing at the Fe/Si and Si/Fe interfaces is demonstrated. Fe-rich layers grown directly on the Si(111)(More)
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