Igor Tinkelman

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The phase-space beam summation is a general analytical framework for local analysis and modeling of radiation from extended source distributions. In this formulation, the field is expressed as a superposition of beam propagators that emanate from all points in the source domain and in all directions. In this Part I of a two-part investigation, the theory is(More)
The propagation characteristics of a scalar Gaussian beam in a homogeneous anisotropic medium are considered. The medium is described by a generic wave-number profile wherein the field is formulated by a Gaussian plane-wave distribution and the propagation is obtained by saddle-point asymptotics to extract the Gaussian beam phenomenology in the anisotropic(More)
In Part I of this two-part investigation [J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 22, 1200 (2005)], we presented a theory for phase-space propagation of time-harmonic electromagnetic fields in an anisotropic medium characterized by a generic wave-number profile. In this Part II, these investigations are extended to transient fields, setting a general analytical framework for(More)
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