Igor Steiner

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A new concept was developed of a tool for recipe-based control of batch processes according to the S88.01 standard, executed on the PLC platform, without PCs coupled within the real-time control loop. The concept features simultaneous execution of more recipes with automatic allocation of units, support of parallel as well as selective branches and the(More)
55 cases of non-traumatic death with preterminal treatment by indirect heart massage showed fat pulmonary embolism in 42 per cent. Cases with thoracal fractures caused by massage were positive in 67 per cent. Controls were represented by a group of traumatic deaths with multiple fractures (80 per cent positivity) and a group of non-traumatic deaths without(More)
In order to test the potential influence of short wave radiation on the homing behaviour of pigeons we positioned two lofts with adult homing pigeons in the vicinity of a short wave transmitter. One loft was next to the transmitter and fully exposed to the radiation, the second protected against the radiation (a) by topographical features and (b) by its(More)
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