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Interplay between Adsorbates and Polarons: CO on Rutile TiO_{2}(110).
Polaron formation plays a major role in determining the structural, electrical, and chemical properties of ionic crystals. Using a combination of first-principles calculations, scanning tunnelingExpand
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Partially Dissociated Water Dimers at the Water–Hematite Interface
The oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is thought to occur via a four-step mechanism with *O, *OH, and *OOH as adsorbed intermediates. Linear scaling of the *OH and **OOH adsorption energies is proposedExpand
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Devil's staircase and the absence of chaos in the dc- and ac-driven overdamped Frenkel-Kontorova model.
The devil's staircase structure arising from the complete mode locking of an entirely nonchaotic system, the overdamped dc+ac driven Frenkel-Kontorova model with deformable substrate potential, wasExpand
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Resolving the adsorption of molecular O2 on the rutile TiO2(110) surface by noncontact atomic force microscopy
Significance Molecular O2 on semiconducting metal oxides, its adsorption, response to thermal treatment, UV irradiation, and electron/hole injection is at the heart of a wide range of technologies.Expand
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Testiranje učinkovitosti modificiranih barijernih klopki na ulov letećih imaga krasnika (Coleoptera, Buprestidae, Agrillinae)
U kontekstu prijetnje od dolaska novog invazivnog krasnika, stetnika jasena (Agrillus planipennis), u cistim i mjesovitim sastojinama jasena testir
Defect chemistry of Eu dopants in NaI scintillators studied by atomically resolved force microscopy
Activator impurities and their distribution in the host lattice play a key role in scintillation phenomena. Here a combination of cross-sectional noncontact atomic force microscopy (nc-AFM), X-rayExpand
Fauna tla (Archaeognatha Zygentoma) kitnjakovih i bukovih šuma
Fauna tla (Archaeognatha Zygentoma) kitnjakovih i bukovih sumaTematika zavrsnog rada bavi se problemom neistraženosti poveznice redova kukaca Archa
Incipient ferroelectricity: A route towards bulk-terminated SrTiO3.
Perovskite oxides attract increasing attention due to their broad potential in many applications. Understanding their surfaces is challenging, though, because the ternary composition of the bulkExpand
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