Igor S. Pandzic

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We describe a method for eye pupil localization based on an ensemble of randomized regression trees and use several publicly available datasets for its quantitative and qualitative evaluation. The method compares well with reported state-of-the-art and runs in real-time on hardware with limited processing power, such as mobile devices.
Computer simulation of human faces has been an active research area for a long time. However, it is less clear what the applications of facial animation (FA) will be. We have undertaken experiments on 190 subjects in order to explore the benefits of FA. Part of the experiment was aimed at exploring the objective benefits, i.e., to see if FA can help users(More)
Networked Collaborative Virtual Environments (NCVE) have been a hot topic of research for some time now. However, most of the existing NCVE systems restrict the communication between the participants to text messages or audio communication. The natural means of human communication are richer than this. Facial expressions, lip movements, body postures and(More)
MPEG-4 addresses coding of digital hybrids of natural and synthetic, Aural and Visual (A/V) information. The objective of this Synthetic/Natural Hybrid Coding (SNHC) is to facilitate content-based manipulation, interoperability, and wider user access in the delivery of animated mixed media. SNHC will support non-real-time and passive media delivery, as well(More)
While face animation is still considered one of the toughest tasks in computer animation, its potential application range is rapidly moving from the classical field of film production into games, communications, news delivery and commerce. To support such novel applications, it is important to enable production and delivery of face animation on a wide range(More)
We propose a method for automatically copying facial motion from one 3D face model to another, while preserving the compliance of the motion to the MPEG-4 FBA standard. Despite the enormous progress in the field of Facial Animation, producing a new animatable face from scratch is still a tremendous task for an artist. Although many methods exist to animate(More)