Igor S. Aronson

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Suspensions of self-propelled particles are studied in the framework of two-dimensional (2D) Stokesean hydrodynamics. A formula is obtained for the effective viscosity of such suspensions in the limit of small concentrations. This formula includes the two terms that are found in the 2D version of Einstein's classical result for passive suspensions. To this,(More)
We performed experimental studies of the effect of humidity on the dynamics of electrostatically driven granular materials. Both conducting and dielectric particles undergo a phase transition from an immobile state (granular solid) to a fluidized state (granular gas) with increasing applied field. Spontaneous precipitation of solid clusters from the gas(More)
Crawling cell motility is vital to many biological processes such as wound healing and the immune response. Using a minimal model we investigate the effects of patterned substrate adhesiveness and biophysical cell parameters on the direction of cell motion. We show that cells with low adhesion site formation rates may move perpendicular to adhesive stripes(More)
Several federal agencies, including the Department of Energy, have recently been urged to support "transformational" and "disruptive" research at the frontiers of innovation, rather than tinkering with incremental changes on the sidelines. If we assess continuous optimization research during the past few decades in terms of these categories, what do we(More)
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