Igor Ruiz-Agundez

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The deployment of Next-Generation Networks (NGN) is a challenge that requires integrating heterogeneous services into a global system of All-IP telecommunications. These networks carry voice, data, and multimedia traffic over the Internet, providing users with the information they want in any format, amount, device, place or moment. Still, there are certain(More)
Cloud computing based technology and their impact is growing now a day. Cloud computing is used in all the area of Business, Education, Social Impact and data miner. The growing demand is because of the on demand service and pay per basis used somehow in the unlimited form. But the uses enhance the risk of data trapping and forgery. As the services are(More)
The growing requirement of system resources, memory requirement and huge space etc. have sprinted up the demand of cloud computing. The ease in the use and dynamic demand completion nature will also make it a future business platform. But we cannot forget the second side of the coin as the ease will comes with some negative cost. By the growing demand huge(More)
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