Igor Polkovnikov

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A variety of operations of cellular automata on gray images is presented. All operations are of a wave-front nature finishing in a stable state. They are used to extract shape descripting gray objects robust to a variety of pattern distortions. Topographic terms are used: "lakes", "dales", "dales of dales". It is shown how mutual object relations like(More)
More often than not, there is a need to understand the structure of complex computer code: what functions and in what order they are called, how information travels around static, input, and output variables, what depends on what. As a rule, executable code and data are scattered among multiple files and even multiple modules. Information is transmitted(More)
An effort has been made to show mathematicians some new ideas applied to image analysis. Gray images are presented as tilings. Based on topological properties of the tiling, a number of gray convex hulls: maximal, minimal, and oriented ones are constructed and some are proved. They are constructed with only one operation. Two tilings are used in the(More)
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