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In order to analyze the meteorological factors possibly influencing the monosymptomatic optic neuritis in Rijeka County, northwestern part of Croatia, retrospective analysis of all cases diagnosed in Rijeka County in period from 1977 to 2001, was done. Meteorological data on monthly and yearly temperature, humidity, insolation in Rijeka County were(More)
Dry eye syndrome is a common clinical entity causing difficulties to many people, especially the elderly. Standard substitution therapy with artificial tears may frequently prove inadequate, thus any new treatment modality is highly welcome. The syndrome implies lacrimal hyperosmolality, which in turn results in mucus accumulation in the conjunctival sac(More)
BACKGROUND Dry eye is a medical problem of epidemic proportions, especially among the elderly in developed countries. The treatment of dry eye is still largely inadequate because there is no way of permanently restoring normal tear function and secretion at present. At present, virtually all therapeutic regimens include tear supplements; however, their main(More)
A survey amongst ophthalmologists and general medical practitioners from nine countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East was conducted to estimate the percentage of patients presenting with a red eye and to examine differential diagnosis and treatment. Practitioners recorded brief details of every patient seen and detailed information concerning signs(More)
AIMS The study was designed to test the clinical application of the grading of lid-parallel conjunctival folds (LIPCOF) as a diagnostic test for dry eye. METHODS At 12 centres in 11 countries, 272 eyes of 272 dry eye patients (75 men, 197 women) were examined. Their mean age was 52.7±16.2 years. The LIPCOF were graded according to the method of Höh et al.(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was to compare the efficacy and safety of azithromycin and doxycycline in the treatment of chlamydial conjunctivitis in adults. DESIGN An open, randomized clinical trial. METHODS Seventy-eight adult patients with incluson conjunctivitis were enrolled in this multicenter clinical study. Patients with chlamydial conjunctivitis(More)
The authors report clinical features of ocular manifestations in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), those that affect the visual sensory system and those that affect the ocular motor system. Disturbances of visual sensory function may precede, manifest coincidentally or follow the neurologic manifestations. Visual disturbances are common in MS and often(More)
Aim of the study is to determine connection between pseudoexfoliation (PEX) syndrome and symptoms and signs of ocular surface disease. Tear film break-up time test, Schirmer II test and assessment of lid parallel conjunctival folds were performed in 40 PEX syndrome patients and 40 controls. All data was statistically analyzed. Results show statistically(More)
Keratoconus is a progressive, non-inflammatory corneal ectasia characterized by thinning and weakening of the corneal stroma which results in its' protrusion. The onset is during puberty and progresses until the fourth decade of life. In earlier stages, good visual acuity can be provided with spectacles. With progression, contact lenses are considered to be(More)
Optotypes are signs of different sizes, systematically placed on the visual acuity chart. The human eye has a spatial resolution of 1' of arc (Snellen). Optotypes in the basic row on all charts subtend 5' of arc and their detail 1' of arc, from the testing distance. The disadvantage of all classical charts is the irregular progresssion of optotype sizes in(More)