Igor P. Beletsky

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Editorial Board Pages ii-iii Regular Articles Analysis of branched-chain α-keto acid dehydrogenase complex activity in rat tissues using α-keto[1-13 C]isocaproate as substrate Pages 1-6 A long-wavelength fluorescent substrate for continuous fluorometric determination of α-mannosidase activity: Resorufin α-d-mannopyranoside Pages 7-12 Kinetic mechanism and(More)
The translocator protein (TSPO; 18 kDa) is a high-affinity cholesterol-binding protein located in the outer membrane of mitochondria. A domain in the C-terminus of TSPO was characterized as the cholesterol recognition/interaction amino acid consensus (CRAC). The ability of the CRAC domain to bind to cholesterol led us to hypothesize that this peptide may(More)
Using ion chromatography and gel filtration we showed that at acidic pH values a caspase-3 substrate may be cleaved by different proteases of the brain. Previously, we showed that one of these enzymes is cathepsin B. Here, we used substrate analysis and Western blotting and found that the proteasome has the capacity to cleave a caspase-3 substrate at acidic(More)
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