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We present problems in different application areas: tandem repeats (computational biology), poetry and music analysis, and author validation, that require a more sophisticated pattern matching model that hitherto considered. We introduce a new matching criterion—generalized function matching—that encapsulates the notion suggested by the above problems. The(More)
The quest for a real-time indexing algorithm is ove three decades old. To date there is no convincing understandable solution to this problem. This paper provides a real-time indexing algorithm over a constant sized alphabet. Assuming the text is arriving at a constant rate, the algorithm spends <i>O</i>(1) time on every text symbol. Whenever a length(More)
We address in this paper a new computational biology problem that aims at understanding a mechanism that could potentially be used to genetically manipulate natural insect populations infected by inherited, intra-cellular parasitic bacteria. In this problem, that we denote by Mod/Resc Parsimony Inference, we are given a boolean matrix and the goal is to(More)
Numerous insects carry intracellular bacteria that manipulate the insects' reproduction and thus facilitate their own spread. Cytoplasmic incompatibility (CI) is a common form of such manipulation, where a (currently uncharacterized) bacterial modification of male sperm induces the early death of embryos unless the fertilized eggs carry the same bacteria,(More)
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