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In modern computers, computation is performed by assembling together sets of logic gates. Popular gates like AND, OR and XOR, processing two logic inputs and yielding one logic output, are often addressed as irreversible logic gates, where the sole knowledge of the output logic value is not sufficient to infer the logic value of the two inputs. Such gates(More)
Indoor positioning using RF signals is usually a difficult task, due to multipath phenomena, that, especially for narrowband transmissions, can deeply affect signal propagation. In this paper, a simple technique for improving the accuracy of a received signal strength based ranging system is proposed. It is shown that, using narrowband low power(More)
Modern PCs are equipped with multi-many core capabilities which enhance their computational power and address important issues related to the efficiency of the scheduling processes of the modern operating system in such hybrid architectures. The aim of our work is to implement a simulation framework devoted to the study of the scheduling process in hybrid(More)
The erasure of a classical bit of information is a dissipative process. The minimum heat produced during this operation has been theorized by Rolf Landauer in 1961 to be equal to kBT ln2 and takes the name of Landauer limit, Landauer reset or Landauer principle. Despite its fundamental importance, the Landauer limit remained untested experimentally for more(More)
A B S T R A C T Wireless sensors networks are technologically mature, however, the requirements in terms of energy, preventing them from wide spreading. Energy-awareness in wireless sensors networks has been principally explored in networking, with ad-hoc routing mechanisms and protocols. A join effort is however needed from different level, from the(More)
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