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This paper explores the impact of television advertisements on audience retention using data collected from television set-top boxes (STBs). In particular, we discuss how the accuracy of the retention score, a measure of ad quality, is improved by using the recent "click history" of the STBs tuned to the ad. These retention scores are related to -- and are(More)
We describe a O(√ log n) approximation algorithm for the Sparsest Cut problem, due to Arora, Rao and Umesh Vazirani [ARV04]. The algorithm uses Semidefinite programming and its analysis relates to notions of distortion, or more accurately average distortion of a negative type metric into 1. 1 Overview 1. We construct a Semidefinite Program (SDP) for the(More)
In this analysis of the contact energies guiding the protein folding, the performance of the PERM algorithm on a simple, cubic lattice is examined when Miyazawa-Jernigan (MJ) and Hydrophobic-Polar (HP) energy matrices are applied. Geometric similarity of minimum energy conformations of twenty proteins, generated when HP and MJ are used, is determined by the(More)
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