Igor N Polonsky

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The asymptotic law for the radial distribution of radiance density from an isotropic point source placed in a slab of homogeneous absorbing and scattering material is obtained within the framework of diffusion theory. The exponential shape of the tail of the resulting Green function has been observed but was not theoretically explained until now. We derive(More)
A new approach to calculating a light field with multiple scattering in media such as clouds, mists, and ocean water is given. It examines all characteristic properties of the real phase function and is applicable to a scattering medium of any optical thickness with an arbitrary single-scattering albedo. The phase function is represented as a sum of more(More)
Recently it has been shown that the perturbation technique, based on joint use of both the direct and the adjoint solutions of the radiative transfer equation, is a powerful tool to solve and analyze various time-independent one-dimensional problems of atmospheric physics such as the calculation of weighting functions, prediction of radiative effects, and(More)
We survey recent developments in off-beam cloud lidar and especially the Wide Angle Imaging Lidar (WAIL) developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). By abandoning the single backscattering assumption of standard (on-beam) lidar in favor of a multiple scattering model and with the appropriate modifications of the instrument, we enable detection(More)
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