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Some direct relations between soliton solutions of integrable hierarchies and thermody-namical quantities of the Coulomb plasmas on the plane are revealed. We find that certain soliton solutions of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (KP) and B-type KP (BKP) hierarchies describe two-dimensional one or two component plasmas at special boundary conditions and fixed(More)
The theory of quadrature domains for harmonic functions and the Hele-Shaw problem of the fluid dynamics are related subjects of the complex variables and mathematical physics. We present results generalizing the above subjects for elliptic PDEs with variable coefficients, emerging in a class of the free-boundary problems for viscous flows in non-homogeneous(More)
We discuss a phase transition of the second order taking place in non-local 1D Ising chains generated by specific infinite soliton solutions of the KdV and BKP equations. To the memory of Vadim B. Kuznetsov 1 The Korteweg–de Vries solitonic spin chain In a series of papers [9, 10], we described a direct relation between soliton solutions of integrable(More)
The paper concerns the Hamiltonian structure of the finite-dimensional reductions 2D dis-persionless Toda hierarchy constrained by the string equation. We derive the Hamiltonian structure of the reduced dynamics and show connections of integrals of " multi-finger " solutions of the Laplacian growth problem with the " Toda–Krichever " flows of the 2dToda(More)
The paper concerns the study of rational and logarithmic reductions of the 2D dispersionless Toda hierarchy of integrable equations. The subject is motivated by important applications to problems in interface dynamics and statistical physics. We prove the consistency of such reductions with respect to the " Toda–Krichever " flows of the 2dToda hierarchy(More)
We describe a class of inhomogeneous two-dimensional porous medium flows, driven by a finite number of multipole sources; the free boundary dynamics can be parametrized by polynomial conformal maps. A class of two-phase porous medium flows in two dimensions involves the dynamics of the boundary ∂Ω(t) in the (x, y) plane separating two disjoint, open(More)
Dynamics of planar domains with multiply connected moving boundaries driven by the gradient of a scalar field that satisfies an elliptic PDE is studied. We consider the question: For which kind of PDEs the domains are algebraic, provided the field has singularities at a finite number of fixed points? The construction reveals a direct connection with the(More)