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Porous composite prosthetic pylon for integration with skin and bone.
This article presents results of the further development and testing of the "skin and bone integrated pylon" (SBIP-1) for percutaneous (through skin) connection of the residual bone with an externalExpand
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Two-stage implantation of the skin- and bone-integrated pylon seeded with autologous fibroblasts induced into osteoblast differentiation for direct skeletal attachment of limb prostheses.
Angio- and osteogenesis following the two-stage (TS) implantation of the skin- and bone-integrated pylon seeded with autologous fibroblasts was evaluated. Two consecutive animal substudies wereExpand
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Cell cultivation on porous titanium implants with various structures
The paper presents data on the cultivation of human dermal fibroblasts and rabbit mesenchymal stromal cells on two types of porous titanium implants, i.e., those with irregular pores formed byExpand
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Effect of melanins from black yeast fungi on proliferation and differentiation of cultivated human keratinocytes and fibroblasts
The effects of melanin preparations from black yeast fungi (BYF) on the proliferation and differentiation of normal cultivated human skin keratinocytes and embryonic pulmonary fibroblasts have beenExpand
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Polymer-inorganic nanocomposites based on aromatic polyamidoimides effective in the processes of liquids separation
The polymer-inorganic nanocomposites based on the aromatic polyamidoimides and the silicate nanotubes of chrysotile structure were developed. The polyamidoimides were synthesized fromExpand
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Application of the skin and bone integrated pylon with titanium oxide nanotubes and seeded with dermal fibroblasts
Background: Direct skeletal attachment of limb prostheses is associated with high rate of transcutaneous infection and loosening of the fixture in the medullary canal prompting for careful assessmentExpand
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Photoprotective Activity of Melanin Preparations from Black Yeast-Like Fungus during UV Irradiation of Human Skin: Dependence on the Concentration
The effect of melanin solutions on the skin exposed to UV irradiation (1050 kJ/m2) depended on its dose and varied from photoprotection (0.005 mg/ml) to photosensitization and phototoxicity (burn,Expand
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Photoprotective Activity of Melanin Preparations in Human Skin Exposed to UV Irradiation: Dependence on Previous Photoexposure
Photoprotective effects of three melanin preparations (from black yeast fungi and Sepia sp.) were studied. These preparations in aqueous solutions (5 μg/ml, dark exposure for 7 days) demonstratedExpand
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[The "air pouch" model in mice and a study of the wound fluid proteolytic activity].
The experimental model of a cutaneous wound in mice has been offered, aimed to study the proteolytic activity of the wound fluid produced at early stages of wound healing, and to examine theExpand
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