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In this paper, we use conformal field theory to construct a generalized cohomology theory which has some properties of elliptic cohomology theory which was some properties of elliptic cohomology. A part of our presentation is a rigorous definition of conformal field theory following Segal's axioms, and some examples, such as lattice theories associated with(More)
With motivation from algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, and string theory, we study various topics in differential homological algebra. The work is divided into five largely independent parts: I Definitions and examples of operads and their actions II Partial algebraic structures and conversion theorems III Derived categories from a topological point(More)
The aim of this paper is to extend certain results of finite graph theory to infinite graphs and to show a limitation of this. Recall that a graph G is a minor of a graph H if G can be obtained from a subgraph of H by contraction of edges. There are several so-called excluded minor theorems in finite graph theory, i.e. statements describing finite graphs(More)
The homotopy limit problem for Karoubi's Hermitian K-theory [25] was posed by Thomason in 1983 [48]. There is a canonical map from algebraic Hermitian K-theory to the /2-homotopy fixed points of algebraic K-theory. The problem asks, roughly, how close this map is to being an isomorphism, specifically after completion at 2. In this paper, we solve this(More)