Igor Kovalenko

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The identification of similarities in the material requirements for applications of interest and those of living organisms provides opportunities to use renewable natural resources to develop better materials and design better devices. In our work, we harness this strategy to build high-capacity silicon (Si) nanopowder-based lithium (Li)-ion batteries with(More)
The previous research has shown the very common subclinical damage of the optic nerve in multiple sclerosis patients with the absence of obvious clinical symptoms of optic neuropathy (ON). Other causes of ON (pathology of connective tissue, infections, tumors or ischemic diseases) are rather uncommon. We carried out a detailed neuroophthalmologic(More)
Si-based Li-ion battery anodes offer specific capacity an order of magnitude beyond that of conventional graphite. However, the formation of stable Si anodes is a challenge because of significant volume changes occurring during their electrochemical alloying and dealloying with Li. Binder selection and optimization may allow significant improvements in the(More)
Materials that can perform simultaneous functions allow for reductions in the total system mass and volume. Developing technologies to produce flexible batteries with good performance in combination with high specific strength is strongly desired for weight- and power-sensitive applications such as unmanned or aerospace vehicles, high-performance ground(More)
Pulsed electrodeposition of polyaniline (PANI) allows the fabrication of flexible, electrically conductive, nonwoven PANI-carbon nanotube (PANI-CNT) composite fabrics. They possess specific tensile strength and a modulus of toughness higher than that of aluminum matrix composites, titanium and aluminum alloys, steels, and many other structural materials.(More)
A method of statistical processing of electron micrographs of molecular objects modified by electron-dense labels containing mercury is proposed. The method allows one to study size, degree of modification and heterogeneity of objects. Application of the method for study of modified nitrogenase and its Fe-Mo containing co-factor, lysozyme, myoglobin, sodium(More)