Igor Kosiński

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Seed production of the perennial herb Paris quadrifolia L. (Liliaceae) was investigated in five populations in northern Poland. The long-term seed production per square metre differed significantly among populations and years. Moreover, throughout the 7-year study period, 30% of both whole ripe fruits and seeds alone were predated. Variation in seed mass(More)
Pennogenyl saponins are the active compounds of large number of plant species and consequently many polyherbal formulations. Hence, great interest has been shown in their characterization and in the investigation of their pharmacological and biological properties, especially anticancer. This present study reports on the evaluation of cytotoxic effects and(More)
We are presenting the application of CE technique with dual-channel LIF detection for the simultaneous separation of DNA fragments labeled with two different fluorescence dyes. The optimal conditions of the analysis were determined for the separation of amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) fragments labeled with 5'-6-carboxyfluorescein (6-FAM) and(More)
Relatively few studies conducted in natural plants populations focus on the relationship between seed size and their germination ability and seedling establishment. Maianthemum bifolium is a perennial herb that spreads vegetatively through rhizomatous growth and reproduces through seeds. However, this species is characterized as seed and microsite limited,(More)
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