Igor Kaitovic

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—An ever-increasing number of both functional and non-functional requirements has resulted in growing system complexity which demands new solutions in system modeling and evaluation. As a remedy, service-oriented architecture (SOA) offers services as basic building elements of system design. Service dependability is highly dependent on the properties of the(More)
With growing complexity of electric power systems, a total number of disturbances is expected to increase. Analyzing these disturbances and understanding grid’s behavior, when under a disturbance, is a prerequisite for designing methods for boosting grid’s stability. The main obstacle to the analysis is a lack of relevant data that are publicly available.(More)
Designing an embedded system is a complex process that involves working on both hardware and software. The first step in the design process is defining functional and non-functional requirements; among them, it is fundamental to also consider security. We propose an effective way for designers to specify security requirements starting from User Security(More)
Design of complex systems involving a number of experts from different fields always includes modeling at many levels of abstraction. Still, each modeling methodology , including model-driven approach using UML, requires partners coming from an area different software engineering to learn a new language and adapt themselves to the new methodology. As this(More)
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