Igor Jelovcan

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Error control codedM-ary pulse position modulation (PPM) can be used over free space optical links to mitigate the atmospheric attenuations and the turbulence induced fading. In this paper, we present performance analysis for coded free space optics (FSO) communication systems operating over various atmospheric conditions. We justify the selection of higher(More)
As the interest in the deployment of Free Space Optical (FSO) links gains momentum, its becoming important to investigate the implementation of proposed higher state modulation schemes. M-ary PPM promises significant performance enhancement and this paper gives results about an experimental VHDL based FPGA implementation of a 256-ary PPM modem. The(More)
A fast near-optimal transmission scheme selection algorithm for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems using spatial multiplexing and linear detection is proposed and analyzed. The algorithm selects a transmit antenna subset such that applying available coding and modulation (CM) modes on each spatially multiplexed substream optimises the throughput(More)
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