Igor Guralnik

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We report on a novel approach to the realization of nematic liquid-crystal (LC) phase correctors to form spherical and cylindrical wave fronts. A LC cell with a distributed reactive electrical impedance was driven by an ac voltage applied to the cell boundary to yield the desired spatial distribution of the refractive index. The two-dimensional function of(More)
Results are presented of the properties of a liquid crystal wavefront corrector for adaptive optics. The device is controlled using modal addressing in which case the device behaves more like a continuous facesheet deformable mirror than a segmented one. Furthermore, the width and shape of the influence functions are electrically controllable. We describe(More)
Liquid-crystal modal wave-front correctors provide much better wave-front correction than do piston correctors with the same number of actuators; moreover, use of additional degrees of freedom of the driving ac voltage signals may further improve device performance. Some practical aspects of the operation of liquid-crystal modal wave-front correctors are(More)
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