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We studied the relationship between DRD5 gene polymorphism presented by microsatellites with cognitive signs in 152 schizophrenic patients, 81 mentally healthy relatives, and 125 mentally healthy(More)
To elucidate main effects of dopamine receptor D4 (DRD4) and cathecol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) genes as well as their interaction effect on neurocognitive traits, DRD4 gene polymorphisms (-809G/A,(More)
Synaptosomal protein SNAP-25 is involved in the process of transmitting nerve spikes in the CNS and in the consolidation of memory traces in the hippocampus. Two independent studies have demonstrated(More)
Linkage between the DRD4 and COMT genes and cognitive measures characterizing verbal memory, executive functions, and associative processes was studied in 150 patients with schizophrenia, 83 of their(More)