Igor Gotlibovych

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We have observed the Bose-Einstein condensation of an atomic gas in the (quasi)uniform three-dimensional potential of an optical box trap. Condensation is seen in the bimodal momentum distribution and the anisotropic time-of-flight expansion of the condensate. The critical temperature agrees with the theoretical prediction for a uniform Bose gas. The(More)
We study the thermodynamics of Bose-Einstein condensation in a weakly interacting quasihomogeneous atomic gas, prepared in an optical-box trap. We characterize the critical point for condensation and observe saturation of the thermal component in a partially condensed cloud, in agreement with Einstein's textbook picture of a purely statistical phase(More)
We present first experimental results of our investigation of non-collinear high harmonic generation (NCHHG) with a chirped pulse amplification system. Collimated high harmonic radiation of higher than 9th order is observed along the bisector of two fundamental beams crossing in a xenon gas target. The obtained results show that cavity-assisted(More)
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