Igor Gorpinchenko

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INTRODUCTION It is impossible to imagine a modern socially-active man who does not use mobile devices and/or computers with Wi-Fi function. The effect of mobile phone radiation on male fertility is the subject of recent interest and investigations. The aim of this study was to investigate the direct in vitro influence of mobile phone radiation on sperm DNA(More)
An effect was studied of appliances for magnetotherapy, such as <<Biopotenzor>>, <<Eros>>, <<Bioskan-1>>, on sexual function of 105 men presenting with sexual problems. A total of 96 sexological patients were examined according to a general programme, to study placebo-effect. The magnetic field beneficial effect was recordable in 70-80 % of the patients,(More)
The clinico-morphologic, clinico-endocrinologic, and morpho-endocrinologic parallels were studied in 126 males with aspermia who underwent genitography and biopsy of the testes. On the basis of the findings, the structure of male sterility in aspermia was exactly identified and the differential diagnostic value of certain values was established; a(More)
A study is presented of the clinical, endocrinological, morphological indices in 126 patients with sterility. In testicular aspermia the androgenic-estrogenic balance reduced in all kind sterility independent of the clinical signs of hypoandrogenization and degree of disorder of spermatogenesis. A correlative dependence was revealed between the level of(More)
The authors examined 350 patients with chronic prostatitis. In 48 (13.7%) of theirs calculi in the prostate were found. The typical clinical manifestations of calculi formation in the prostate, diagnostic criteria and treatment principles developed in the Department of Sexopathology of Kiev Research Institute of Urology and Nephrology are outlined.
Penetration of benemycin (rifampicin) into the prostate secretion and ejaculate of patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis was studied. It was found that oral administration of the drug in a dose of 300 mg 2 times a day provided bacteriostatic concentrations of the antibiotic in the sexual gland excretions and the treatment efficacy of patients with(More)
The authors examined 68 patients with different forms of copulative disorders. They studied the efficacy of intracavernous administration of papaverine in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders in males. A new method of diagnosis of sexual disorders of organic (vascular) nature in males was developed and practically employed. The efficacy of(More)