Igor Ganichev

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Multi-tenant datacenters represent an extremely challenging networking environment. Tenants want the ability to migrate unmodified workloads from their enterprise networks to service provider datacenters, retaining the same networking configurations of their home network. The service providers must meet these needs without operator intervention while(More)
Multipath routing is a promising technique to increase the Internet's reliability and to give users greater control over the service they receive. However, past proposals choose paths which are not guaranteed to have high diversity. In this paper, we propose yet another multipath routing scheme (YAMR) for the interdomain case. YAMR provably constructs a set(More)
We argue that the biggest problem with the current Internet architecture is not a particular functional deficiency, but its inability to accommodate innovation. To address this problem we propose a minimal architectural "framework" in which comprehensive architectures can reside. The proposed Framework for Internet Innovation (FII) --- which is derived from(More)
In this demo, we present Ripcord, a modular platform for rapidly prototyping scale-out data center networks. Ripcord enables researchers to build and evaluate new network features and topologies, using only commercially available hardware and open-source software. The Ripcord demo will show three examples of custom network functions, operating together, on(More)
Multipath routing proposals try to provide multiple routes between nodes on the Internet. Different proposals address different sets of problems such as increasing the reliability of the Internet, making the ISP market more competitive, enabling users to choose paths most appropriate to their applications (some desire low latency, others high bandwidth, yet(More)
We describe the design and implementation of DVS, a distributed, fault-tolerant in-memory storage system for fast random access to large datasets. The storage has a key-value interface and is optimized for read performance. It is used as a cache for static data stored on slower durable mediums to accelerate access to large datasets, such as those used in(More)
s of Final Projects Bounds on the Independence Required for Cuckoo Hashing Jeff Cohen and Daniel Kane In Cuckoo Hashing, we achieve expected O(1) amortized time per operation for dynamic hashing by using two hash functions and maintaining the property that each key is hashed to the value indicated by either of the hash functions. This result is known as(More)
Ron Rivest describes the problem of computer security as a problem of communicating in the presence of adversaries. The key point in this description is the ”presence of adversaries.” Indeed, the different between computer reliability and security lies precisely in the presence of adversaries. Reliable computer systems guarantee proper operation (and some(More)
1. Many-to-One: Multiple senders sending independent information to the same destination t. The destination t is interested in all of the informations. Common practical scenarios with many-to-one communication pattern include cases when a central node is gathering information from multiple nodes in the network. Note that the solution in this case is(More)
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