Igor Frolov

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—The development of automatic visual control system is a very important research topic in computer vision. This face identification system must be robust to the various quality of the images such as light, face expression, glasses, beards, moustaches etc. We propose using the wavelet transformation algorithms for reduction the source data space. We have(More)
A comparative analysis has been performed on the informativity of characteristics of the state of lichen cover calculated by two methods for evaluating lichen abundance (frequency and projective cover). A close correlation of the indices obtained by the two different methods was shown, as well as their significant association with the degree of stress,(More)
Overview The Arctic Report Card (www.arctic.noaa.gov/reportcard/) tracks recent environmental changes throughout the Arctic, and is updated annually. In 2010, it is clear that the Arctic is experiencing the impacts of a prolonged and amplified warming trend, highlighted with many record-setting events. Not surprisingly, the impact of this warming is most(More)
It is apparent that the heating of the ocean in areas of extreme summer sea ice loss is directly impacting surface air temperatures over the Arctic Ocean, where surface air temperature anomalies reached an unprecedented +4°C during October through December 2008. There is evidence that the effect of higher air temperatures in the lower Arctic atmosphere is(More)
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