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Collerton et al.’s perception and attention deficit (PAD) model argues that all recurrent complex visual hallucinations (RCVH) result from maladaptive, deficient sensory and attentional processing. We outline a constructivistbased representation of perception using signal detection theory, in which hallucinations are modeled as false alarms when(More)
Our ability to detect a target in visual search relates to the prevalence of the target, whereby rare targets are missed more than common targets. The current study sought to identify operator characteristics that could account for the higher miss rates associated with rare targets. The results found that working-memory capacity, which is strongly related(More)
According to the current concept, therapeutic physical exercises provide a simple and efficacious tool for reducing the risk of development of cardiovascular diseases and their complications. The main beneficial effects of regular physical training include positive dynamics of atherogenesis and angiogenesis, improved rheological properties of blood,(More)
Three theories of the informational basis for object interception strategies were tested in an experiment where participants pursued toy helicopters. Helicopters were used as targets because their unpredictable trajectories have different effects on the optical variables that have been proposed as the basis of object interception, providing a basis for(More)
The purpose of this study was to work out an adequate operative technique for patients with malignant tumors who also need open heart surgery or procedures on major blood vessels. We had 8 such patients. In 6 of them, a tumor (3 cases hypernephroid cancer and 3 cases retroperitoneal sarcoma) had grown through the inferior vena cava (IVC) up to the right(More)
Across four studies, the current paper demonstrates that smiles are associated with lower social status. Moreover, the association between smiles and lower status appears in the psychology of observers and generalizes across two forms of status: prestige and dominance. In the first study, faces of fashion models representing less prestigious apparel brands(More)
Pigeons responded to intermittently reinforced classical conditioning trials with erratic bouts of responding to the conditioned stimulus. Responding depended on whether the prior trial contained a peck, food, or both. A linear persistence-learning model moved pigeons into and out of a response state, and a Weibull distribution for number of within-trial(More)
Cooperative communication mechanics, such as avatar gestures or in-game visual pointers, enable player collaboration directly through gameplay. We currently lack a deeper understanding of how players use cooperative communication mechanics, and whether they can effectively supplement or even supplant traditional voice and chat communication. The present(More)