Igor Bogdanovich Yanchuk

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Ruthenium anticancer drugs belong to the most promising non-platinum anticancer metal compounds in clinical evaluation. However, although the clinical results are promising regarding both activity and very low adverse effects, the clinical application is currently hampered by the limited solubility and stability of the drug in aqueous solution. Here, we(More)
Electron spin resonance ~ESR! and Raman spectra measurements are carried out on a-C:H and a-C:H:N films both as grown and implanted with W and Ni ions with doses ranged from 0.5 310 to 1.2310 cm. The as-grown films have small concentration of paramagnetic centers with a spin density Ns of 10 17 cm. Upon implantation a significant increase in Ns of (0.5– 22)(More)
Cu-Sn-S (CTS) thin films were deposited onto bare and molybdenum (Mo) coated glass substrates by means of the spray pyrolysis technique under different conditions. The CTS thin films obtained are shown, by means of Raman spectroscopy, to consist of two main phases: Cu<sub>2</sub>SnS<sub>3</sub> and Cu<sub>3</sub>SnS<sub>4</sub> as well as of the secondary(More)
Using a scanning electron microscopy, elemental analysis, electron paramagnetic resonance, and Raman scattering methods, two types of the shungite materials (Sh-II from Zazhogino deposit and shungite from a commercial filter (ShF)), with different carbon content and porosity, are studied in this work. It was established by scanning electron microscopy data(More)
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