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A system for 3D-planning for dental implantology is described. Since exact knowledge of the position of the nervus alv. inf. is critical, we present an algorithm for automated detection of this nerve, which requires only very little initial user interaction. To allow interactive implant placement on comparatively low-cost pc hardware we developed hybrid(More)
High-energy, cw electron beams at new accelerator facilities allow electromagnetic production and precision study of hypernuclear structure, and we report here on the first experiment demonstrating the potential of the (e,e'K+) reaction for hypernuclear spectroscopy. This experiment is also the first to take advantage of the enhanced virtual photon flux(More)
Economic interactions are conducted between economic agents-individuals and collectives, through exchange of natural or artificial entities-goods, services and money, in a myriad of combinations. In this article we adopt a microscopic point of view, concentrating on the exchanged entities, and extracting their relevant attributes as seen from structurally(More)
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