Igor Barahona

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In the future, competitive advantages will be given to organisations that can extract valuable information from massive data and make better decisions. In most cases, this data comes from multiple sources. Therefore, the challenge is to aggregate them into a common framework in order to make them meaningful and useful. This paper will first review the most(More)
Here a collection of 1169 abstracts, which corresponds to articles that the Journal of Marketing Research has published from 2005 to 2014, are analysed under a novel approach. We apply several statistical methods, such as Principal Components Analysis and Correspondence Analysis to identify the way Marketing vocabulary is evolving. Similarly those articles(More)
This paper provides a global vision of the scientific publications related with the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), taking as starting point abstracts of articles. Through the time, abstracts have been evolving towards higher complexity on used terminology, which makes necessary the use of sophisticated statistical methods and answering questions(More)
Analytical tools in business management are understood as a combination of information technologies and quantitative methods used to assist stakeholders to make better decisions. The contemporary business environment is dramatically changing by the massive accumulation of data. Now, as never before, the use of analytical tools must be expanded to take(More)
INTRODUCTION The increase in telemedicine in the mental health field has led to psychometric instruments changing from paper-and-pencil administration to an electronic format. A study is performed to determine if both formats are equivalent for well-known questionnaires such as GHQ-12, WHO-5, and PHQ-9. MATERIAL AND METHODS Forty-seven volunteers(More)
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