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Although antischistosomal properties of peroxides were studied in recent years, systematic structure-activity relationships have not been conducted. We evaluated the antischistosomal potential of 64 peroxides belonging to bridged 1,2,4,5-tetraoxanes, alphaperoxides, and tricyclic monoperoxides. Thirty-nine compounds presented IC₅₀ values <15 μM on newly(More)
Praziquantel is currently the only drug available to treat schistosomiasis. Since drug resistance would be a major barrier for the increasing global attempts to eliminate schistosomiasis as a public health problem, efforts should go hand in hand with the discovery of novel treatment options. Synthetic peroxides might offer a good direction since their(More)
The present review summarizes primary publications on the cross-dehydrogenative C-O coupling, with special emphasis on the studies published after 2000. The starting compound, which donates a carbon atom for the formation of a new C-O bond, is called the CH-reagent or the C-reagent, and the compound, an oxygen atom of which is involved in the new bond, is(More)
It was found that iodine-catalyzed reactions of geminal bishydroperoxides with acetals proceed with the replacement of only one alkoxy group by the peroxide group to give previously unknown structures of 1-hydroperoxy-1'-alkoxyperoxides in yields up to 64%. The same compounds are formed in the iodine-catalyzed reactions of geminal bishydroperoxides with(More)
The article deals with the problem of diagnosis of oncological diseases based on the analysis of DNA methylation data using algorithms of cluster analysis and supervised learning. The groups of genes are identified, methylation patterns of which significantly change when cancer appears. High accuracy is achieved in classification of patients impacted by(More)
A series of six new geminal bis-hydroperoxides were synthesized based on cyclic ketones. Experiments in vitro show that the synthesized compounds exhibit pronounced antimicrobial properties that are comparable with the effect of some antiseptics and, to a lesser extent, antibiotics. Tests on B. cereus, E. coli, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, C. albicans, and A.(More)
Nitroxyl radicals are widely used in chemistry, materials sciences, and biology. Imide-N-oxyl radicals are subclass of unique nitroxyl radicals that proved to be useful catalysts and mediators of selective oxidation and CH-functionalization. An efficient metal-free method was developed for the generation of imide-N-oxyl radicals from N-hydroxyimides at room(More)
A method was developed for the bisperoxidation of styrenes with tert-butyl hydroperoxide in the presence of a catalytic amount of manganese(III) acetate. It was shown that compounds of manganese in oxidation states 2, 4, and 7 also catalyze this reaction. The target [1,2-bis(tert-butylperoxy)ethyl]arenes were synthesized in yields from 46 to 75%.
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