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Designing new communication protocols on the powerline network requires knowledge of the nature of the channel and the error pattern on real scenarios. This paper presents 3 main outcomes: (i) a simplified methodology for fast characterization of the narrowband powerline channel on scenarios with varying degrees of harshness, without requiring the use of(More)
Due to its wide availability narrowband powerline networks provide an interesting no-new-wires communication channel. Nevertheless, as powerline was not designed for data communication, its electrical characteristics make it a harsh environment for data transmission and prevents the deployment of services with high reliability requirements. This paper(More)
In this paper, we describe an innovative queue management mechanism in order to achieve an optimal use of shared communication resources. The target scenario contemplates different data flows sharing the same network resources at the same time. The main challenge over this scenario is to achieve the required QoS (Quality of Service) to redistribute(More)
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