Igor A. Ushakov

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1-Vinylpyrrole-2-carbaldehydes react with acetylene at atmospheric pressure in a NaOH/EtOH/DMSO system at 7-10 °C to afford 2-(1-hydroxypropyn-2-yl)-1-vinylpyrroles in 53-94% yield. Thus, the first base-mediated direct ethynylation of pyrrolecarbaldehydes with free acetylene under modified conditions of the Favorsky reaction has been implemented to pave an(More)
Being asked to write a paper about Boris Vladimirovich Gnedenko, we decided to present the material in two parts: Ekaterina Gnedenko writes biographical notes from the angle of his research achievements and Igor Ushakov writes rather personal reminiscence. Gnedenko himself told about his life in the book of his memoirs [1].
This article is about how the confusion of terms can give rise to confusion in the approaches and methods, and bring to a deadlock the whole research area. It doesn't mean that we would like to teach someone or to present "the ultimate truth". It is rather another attempt to declare that "software reliability» does not exist in the form it is treated in(More)
N-Vinylpyrroles and -indoles bearing electron-withdrawing substituents at the pyrrole ring are mercurated, with 1 equivalent of Hg(OAc)(2) in dry MeCN (20-80 °C), regioselectively at the vinyl group (yields are almost quantitative), while their congeners without electron-withdrawing functions are mercurated both at the N-vinyl group and the pyrrole ring.
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