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We report on the observation of coherence resonance for a semiconductor laser with short optical feedback close to Hopf bifurcations. Noise-induced self-pulsations are documented by distinct Lorentzian-like features in the power spectrum. The character of coherence is critically related to the type of the bifurcation. In the supercritical case, spectral(More)
Bispectral analysis, a technique based on high-order statistics, is extended to encompass time dependence for the case of coupled nonlinear oscillators. It is applicable to univariate as well as to multivariate data obtained, respectively, from one or more of the oscillators. It is demonstrated for a generic model of interacting systems whose basic units(More)
We discuss open problems related to the stochastic modeling of cardiac function. The work is based on an experimental investigation of the dynamics of heart rate variability (HRV) in the absence of respiratory perturbations. We consider first the cardiac control system on short time scales via an analysis of HRV within the framework of a random walk(More)
The problem of how to reconstruct the parameters of a stochastic nonlinear dynamical system when they are time-varying is considered in the context of online decoding of physiological information from neuron signaling activity. To model the spiking of neurons, a set of FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) oscillators is used. It is assumed that only a fast dynamical(More)
The energy-optimal entraining of the dynamics of a periodically driven oscillator, moving it from a chaotic attractor to a coexisting stable limit cycle, is investigated via analysis of fluctuational transitions between the two states. The deterministic optimal control function is identified with the corresponding optimal fluctuational force, which is found(More)
We compare the dynamics of nonlinear noisy oscillators near the two types of the Hopf bifurcation. Prior to the bifurcation, in the regime of damped oscillations around the stable focus, noise serves as a bifurcation precursor: the power spectrum includes a peak at the frequency of the self-sustained oscillations. Super-and sub-critical Hopf bifurcations(More)
Continuous glucose monitoring is increasingly used in the management of diabetes. Subcutaneous glucose profiles are characterised by a strong non-stationarity, which limits the application of correlation-spectral analysis. We derived an index of linear predictability by calculating the autocorrelation function of time series increments and applied detrended(More)
The energy-optimal migration of a chaotic oscillator from one attractor to another coexisting attractor is investigated via an analogy between the Hamiltonian theory of fluctuations and Hamiltonian formulation of the control problem. We demonstrate both on physical grounds and rigorously that the Wentzel-Freidlin Hamiltonian arising in the analysis of(More)
We study the nonlinear response of a noisy bistable system to a biperiodic signal through experiments with an electronic circuit (Schmitt trigger). The signal we use is a biharmonic one, i.e., a superposition of low and high frequency harmonic components. It is shown that the mean switching frequency (MSF) of the system can be locked at both low and high(More)
Synchronization of two symmetrically coupled Lorenz systems, each of them considered a chaotic bistable system, is investigated numerically. A phenomenon of synchronization of the mean frequencies of switchings in coupled chaotic bistable systems is found. Bifurcations taking place in the system are analyzed. It is shown that there is the region on the(More)